Monday, March 29, 2010

Update about the pink Marfy spring coat for me

I made a muslin with the Marfy pattern pieces. And I petite it a little. Here is the result, with a skirt or a pant, see below.
Any comment or advice are welcome.

The doublefaced fabric I chose (I show you the fabric before) shrinked during the prewash process and is now heavier than I imagined.
So, I plan to use a double layer of fabric on shoulder area (in front and back) and reinforce these areas with pieces of cotton muslin. Shoulderpads can be added on the inside between the two layers. The coat looks better with shoulderpads and the pattern calls for them.
The rest of the coat will be a single layer of doublefaced fabric. The seams probably need to be reinforced to prevent distortion.
All the sewing process will be very time consuming... Perhaps the coat will be in time for next Spring...

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