Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fresh splash of color for little girl spring outfit

My daughter spring outfit (cotton dress and Valentino fashion light wool pinaflor) is finished! I showed you the fabrics before.

I chose a vintage pattern, early 70's I guess. For a modern look, I added length, forgot the ruffle, and added side pockets (to store and hide all those little treasures a little girl can pick up during the course of the day ;-)

Of course, I didn't forget the Hello Kitty button! I picked up a couple of vintage flower buttons, not visible on the photograph, for the back of the dress.

Please do have a thought for this poor outfit, whose premiere will take place tomorrow at school. I dearly hope it won't be torn to death or irreparably spotted after one single long day at school...


  1. OH! I love it! Your sewing is magnificent!

  2. Thanks for all kind words!
    Sophie, if my daughter doenst' destroy it, yours will have it, if she want it ;-)