Saturday, March 13, 2010

To blog or not to blog, that is... ;-)

As the title says...

I have been reading several blogs, some of them everyday, and I wondered: why not start my own blog? But, if the answer is YES, many more questions pop-up...

  • Adding pictures, and nice ones, is more than needed for me.
  • And about what exactly? Define a subject, have a story to share or just follow my instincts?
  • And in which language? English? Et pourquoi pas en français ?
  • And what about periodicity? I like to read some blog everyday, but following this pace would be time consuming, and I have 2 littles ones to deal with (other parents will understand ;-)
  • How to deal with comments, good and bad ones? Moderate or not ?

I have decided the answer is YES, and I'm trying to start: define subjects, plan posts, choose the name and the look of the blog...

And for me, the problems appear: I am not pleased with the basic blog-look, I want to define image and text appearance, I make a lot of tries. Then, I get nervous, and I want to modify this stupid HTML code itself, and, in the end, hubby had time to create his own blog before I manage to post my first message...

My lovely hubby said that, as usual, I am overwhelmed by details! He is right, but I only want to stretch the pictures, in order to have them fill the whole page width, and I want to have that nice border around them, and a few other bells and whistles here and there, nothing so hard, or complex, isn't it? Unfortunately, it is...

More later, everybody (It's late at night, and the baby want to be breastfed)!


  1. Don't worry so much about the blog. It will grow and develop into what it will be. I love your pictures. I agree that getting started is hard. And adding photos can be a pain. And the blank blog background is boring. It will evolve as you post.
    Welcome to blog-land.
    And, I want it known, I am your first commentor. I went months before I got a comment. comments are sooooo gratifying.

  2. Hi Pascale, I love reading about your sewing adventures and what you see in Paris on our forum, I am sure your blog will be no exception!

  3. I will be here... every nigth or morning at 5am! with my baby girl on my tits!

  4. Hi! I googled 'where to buy thread in Paris' and I found you. I am from the U.S. and will be coming to your beautiful city soon. So, I will sit with my cup of coffee and read the rest of your blog. Happy to meet you.

  5. HI Nancy!
    I started few post about my favorite fabric and sewing notion in Paris on this forum (,9437.0.html), but I don't have updated it yet.
    I hope you will find this helpfull.
    And I recently discover that in Paris, you can have a sewing machine for few hours, like you can have a computer for few hours in a cybercafé. I have to investigate a little much, and I will publish it in my blog.
    Thanks for your comments and let me know if you need furter information.