Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Example of sewing inspiration process: the End-of-roll collection

Where does the inspiration for a sewing project come from?
  • From fabric.
  • From pattern.
  • From fashion magazines or from haute-couture collections.
  • From "air du temps".
Tonight I want to share with my reader the story of the "End-of-roll collection" as an example of a sewing inspiration process.

A few months ago, I bought a nice piece of fabric at a bargain price. It was a beautiful boucle fabric (bouclette in French), a dead stock from a past Chanel Haute Couture collection (don't forget: I live in Paris ;-). The bargain price was because it is the end of the roll (see above). It has been cut and it has a big label glued on it (no chance to remove it without damage).

It's a perfect example of nice Chanel boucle: the fabric and the price were so nice that I couldn't resist ;-)

  1. Well, what can I do with this?
  2. Which other fabrics do I need to do something with this one?
  1. Probably a little jacket (the fabric call for a little Chanel jacket), if there is enough fabric.
  2. No decision at this point of the process.

To be continued...

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