Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Never marry a rugby player or don't try to sew for him!

We had a cold and long winter, it's still pretty cold in the morning. So I decided to make a coat for my husband.

I chose the Burda 153 from the October 2008 issue (the pictures above are from the burdafashion website). I made a muslin to be sure, and it was fortunate! Burda size 54, the largest size for this model, is for a chest of about 108 cm (42.5 inches). My husband is a bit above that, but I assumed it would suit him fine: the model is not exactly close fitting, is it?

NO, absolutely not! The muslin doesn't fit.
Now, I have to try to up-size this pattern. Of course, this can be made, the bigger size can be extrapoled from the multiple lines: the pattern is multisized for burda size 48 to 54... And after that, I have to petite a little that "sacré" pattern... What a mess!
More later...

I should have known better since, last Summer, I tried to made the trousers presented with the caban coat (with some adjustment for a retired rugby player belly ;-) and sadly, I never managed to fit it correctly and finish it.

Why is sewing for men, and especially for a lovely husband, always such a pain?!


  1. Can you just let the side seams out a little? From the picture, it look pretty good.

  2. These two pictures was taken for illustrated the blog, not for checking the fit. I have to take better photo for the fit ;-)
    In fact, the muslin in very-very close fitting everywhere. If I only let the side seam out a little, the coat will be to much close fitted in shoulder and underarms area (due to unusual coat construction in these area). So a gess a larger size will fit better, the coat is suppose to be made of heavy wool with a lining and internal pockets.
    Of course, the sleeves, and perhaps the coat itself, will be too long with a larger size, but it will be not to much work to correct.

  3. yesterday was a big day for your husband isn't it?
    Rugby day for the France..

    Chabal for men!

  4. I'm very interested to see your progress on this garment, as this is the pattern my hubby picked out for the pea coat I'll (eventually) be making for him. He's also a wide-shouldered, big-chested guy.

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  6. Digs, I plan to up-size this pattern twice (one size larger and 2 size larger) and to make two half muslin to see the fit.
    but, I can't find time yet to do it. perhaps, this Week-End...