Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bubble coat recipe

  • Funny pink bubble fleece,
  • White cotton lining with dark blue heart pattern,
  • Sympathetic green monster and a doll,
  • Smiling monkey, that makes a lot of noise if you hit it,
  • Early Spring season in the air,
  • 4,5 year old daughter,
  • Poor mother with a sewing machine, threads, buttons...

  • Let the daughter speak, speak, speak about everything and nothing,
  • Add some sleep-deprived nights, because of a breastfed baby, and some afternoon naps of this baby,
  • Shake all of the above and sew in a hurry as usual...

  • At the end you will have this funny bubble coat, with the matching "béret" (don't forget the bow on the beret, please ;-)

Enjoy ;-)