Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two articulated dolls

Tow articulated dolls with more than one century betwen their birthdate.
They are used for the same purpose: to test and show sewing project!

The old one is made of wood, porcelain and iron, and came from France, but not sure.
The new one is made of vinyl and came from Japan.

The old one was from my great-grand-mother. She used it to show her new garment model in front of her store in Paris (she was dressmaker).

The new one is mine. I plane to use it to test color combinaison and sewing idea and perhaps in front of my etsy store on the weeb.

More later: there is a lot to say about each of these doll...


  1. How lovely to have your great-grandmother's doll. Did she make minatures of all her designs? That sounds like hard work!

  2. I don't know, if she made miniatures of all her design or just to showed some of them in front of her store, I will ask this to my mother. More later...