Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trying to draw sewing patterns...

Remember my previous post about my daughter's birthday present: dolls and their wardrobe.
I plan to give a try in drawing sewing patterns.This project give me the opportunity to do it without using to much fabric and paper!

I use this video about draping a blouse block pattern as a strating point.
Off course, the doll isn't pinable, so I use tape instead of pins. Due to the small scale doll, I use kitchen paper instead of muslin fabric.
The photos above show you my first test on the doll. I simplify the pattern: only one dart in the front, one in the back and one on the shoulder front.

I remove the tape and the kitchen paper from the doll. I copy the resulting half front and half back pattern on paper. Then I use tape again to try it on the doll. Some photos above show you all of the process.

Then I check the fitting problem : the darts are too short on the shoulder front and the pattern is too long on the back.

Now I have to follow the same process for the sleeves, the skirt and the pants. After that, I will have to use slide and pivot technique to draw the patterns...

More important to me. What I have learn from this little try:
  • Draping techniques are no so complex but need correct tools to be done: pinable dressform isn't an option!
  • Using doll size is nice, but this doll is too tiny to really make a good try.
  • I don't really need to follow all the process to draw simple tiny doll patterns: draping kitchen papper is OK for me.

To be continued...
  • for my DD birthday present.
  • for another try with a larger doll: I guess my doll from Japan will be a nice compromise.
  • for drawing sewing patterns that fit for me, huby, DD.


  1. coucou, comment est la poupée japonaise de DD? i'm curious!

  2. They will be very well dressed dolls with such perfectly fitted patterns.