Thursday, April 1, 2010

The End-of-roll collection, part II

My previous post about this story ended with two questions and two answers.
This part will deal with the answers to the questions more precisely.

First, the pattern for the small jacket made from End-of-roll fabric have to be chosen. The images below show some possibilities for the jacket pattern.

In the end, most of the pattern needs more fabric than I have with this end-of-roll...

Eventually, I extracted this vintage one from my stash and was surprised to discover that I can do something with it.

I just folded the fabric in half and put the patterns pieces on it. Looks OK, doesn't it?

Well, the pattern for the jacket is chosen. Of course, I made a more precise test, with the pattern pieces but I didn't take any photo of it. And the label is not on the pieces!

Then, the other fabrics and of course patterns, to do something to go with, which still have to be decided.

About fabric (see image above with the head of my youngest one in the way):
  • I bought 2 meters of coordinated wool (on the right of the photo) to make pants and a skirt to go with the jacket.
  • I pulled out of my stash a caramel bemberg lining(on the top of the photo) to go with the wool and the end-of-roll fabric.
  • I am happy to remember where my nice silk fabric (on the right of the photo) is hidden, and happier to see that this fabric can complement the other. A shirt, or two, can be nice from this fabric to complete the collection!

About patterns:
  • I need pants and a skirt.
  • Due to the very short jacket, I decided to select patterns with a high waist.

So I chose a Marfy skirt pattern and pants from one of my old Burda issues (see images above from Burda website and Marfy website).
What do you think of them?

Now a few things have to be done for the next step:
  • Buttons have to be selected.
  • The jacket has to be traced, cut, assembled and sewn.
  • Pattern(s) have to be chosen for the shirt, or the top, to complete the collection.
  • Pants and skirt have to be started. I have to persuade myself that I can start this project before all these little gym exercises (that I never have -take- time to make) will give me again my incredible classical ballet dancer tight waist... This incredibly fine waist went away after 2 pregnancies and caesarian births...
To be continued.

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