Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Easter thing

I needed something to put all that have to go in the trash when I sew: all those little threads and fabrics I cut during the sewing process. Something that I can put on the table when I sew.

With all the Easter things surrounding me, I decided a thread-trash hen can be what I was looking for (my husband has not yet decided if I am definitly mad or just a little ;-).
The image above shows my drawing and the final pattern.

Right now, I am not able to remember why I decided to add a secret pocket at the base of my thread-trash hen... But I did it (the two images above show the secret pocket before and after I finished the hen).

Then, the result.
I am not sure if I can keep this thread-trash hen for myself: my children claim it. They love the secret pocket (little fingers are perfect to go in) and the two sides of the hen -asleep or not- look hilarious to them...

Perhaps I will have to sew something else for me.
I am thinking of a tropical fish (you know these approx round-shaped fish), without a secret pocket if I want to keep it for me!

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