Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sewing machine hiatus

Yesterday, my sewing machine went for a check-up.
It went not by itself, I carried it to the Singer shop in Paris with the help of my two children... Allays an expedition! A child, a baby in a stroller, a sewing machine and too much stairs in the Parisian "métro": forgott the chic parisian mother and think of a donkey instead and you will have the pict ;-)

No sewing machine: now it's time to plan and to be inspired ;-)
Some little projects that don't require a sewing machine can beging to.

First thing to do: writte down a list:
  • Up-size the Burda pattern for my husband coat
  • Design and realize the embroidery for my Marfy pink Spring coat
  • Plan a birthday present for my DD
  • Design a logo and define a concept for my etsy shop (too much planed and nothing done yet)
  • Design and realize (when my sewing machine will be back) a complet project for my etsy shop
  • Select coordinated fabrics and patterns (from my stash) for my summer wardrobe
  • Determine what to modify and to add in the children (children grow to fast for me) summer wardrobe
As usual, too much than can be done, but who knows? So, stay tuned!

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