Thursday, April 15, 2010

Planing a birthday present for DD

What a bad photo! I should stop taking photo with my Iphone.
I make the sofa and the little table with my daughter few month ago for another doll.

I find these four dolls on ebay at a bargain price few weeks ago.
They are percfect for a five years old girl:
  • Big enought (approx 14 cm, 5.5 inch, tall) to play with, smal enought to go on a adult pocket or in the mother's bag.
  • Articulated enought to be nice to play with but not to much to be strong enought for a five years old child and a two years old baby not so far away.
So, perfect but they need a more complete wardrobe to play with: my daughter allays complain about the lack of clothes for her dolls. Considering the mess in my DD's room, perhaps a box to store all the set will be a nice idea to.

A little more planing about the box.
First, I don't have enought time to make and decorate a wood box. And my daughter could see it before her birthday. I guess a carton box will not be strong enought for her. In the end, a plastic box or perhaps a fabric bag will have less chance to be damaged.

A little more planing about the doll's wardrobe.
Each doll will have:
  • A beach ensemble, a summer dress or summer ensemble and a summer hat.
  • A coat or a cape, a winter suit or coordinate items and a winter hat.
  • A cotton kimono or a bathrobe, a nightgrown and slippers.
  • Some additionnal item such as dress, pant, skirt, top... Only if I have time to sew them!
  • A suitcase to store all the set.
I am pretty sure I can find scrap or leftover fabrics in my stash to sew all of this. Considering the size of the dolls, I guess sewing all the clothes by hand will the best thing to do.

To be continued with few sketchs and fabrics ...

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