Sunday, October 17, 2010

When the parisian métro is out of order... the answers, at last!

Do you remember my little game?

In a previous post, I posted some parisian photo taken by hubby when he went home from work walking because the parisian metro was out of order.
The little game was : can you recognize where exactly theses photos have been taken?

Now here come the answers!


Drumroll please!!!


Hubby made this incredible map (see above) for us:
  • On a parisian map,
  • His walking from the last unclosed métro station (Palais Royal) to the next unclosed métro station (Jussieu): do you see the green line?!
  • Each photos in small.

Thanks so much hubby!
Enjoy dear reader!

To be more complete, I let him speak to explain his "balade".

Hello everyone,

First, Pascale cheated a bit, because the first two photos have been swapped...

The first photograph (the second one I took) is the sun setting over Pont Saint-Michel, taken from Petit Pont ("Small bridge", yes that's its name). I did not expect it to be so good, having taken it with my iPhone 3GS.

The second one (the first one I took) is, of course, Notre-Dame de Paris. I thought about all of Pascale's foreign friends and, rather than stepping up to the parvis and taking the usual Notre-Dame snapshot, I chose to took a picture of what parisian passer-bys see from the sidewalk, that is, Notre-Dame partially hidden by trees.

I finally decided to have dinner, and the third photograph has been taken in the restaurant. This place, called Antinea, is an italian restaurant, located Rue Maître Albert. I discovered it a few years ago, totally by accident. There is a famous computer science bookshop in the very same street (Le Monde En Tique), and I just landed in this restaurant one day, after exiting this bookshop. We had lunch or dinner many times there ever since then.

We have not been to this restaurant in a while because, now, they have a wide-screen TV, which totally changes the mood of the place. When the photo was taken, it was still this warm, welcoming, tiny place we cherished for years.

Finally, the fourth photograph has been taken Rue des Ecoles, near Rue Saint Victor, while I was walking to the métro station at night. There definitely is a special atmosphere in this area, and it is always a pleasure to walk there at night when the weather is fine. Even if, as it was the case this time, it is not by choice!

And for those who are interested, it was a small 3-kilometer stroll.

See you there, maybe?

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  1. Your Vogue coat is going to be really lovely, and it is a good idea to cut the yoke to make the most of your piece of fabric. So economical!
    Thank you so much for your comment on my ball dress! Sadly I was only in Paris for a short while, otherwise I would love to go strolling again through the Louvre. I adore Paris. J'adore Paris.