Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not enough yardage, back yoke in 2 pieces for a winter coat?!

I picked up this, inspiring, I think, vintage coat pattern from my stash to make my winter coat.
I planned to make this coat from a specific textured wool that have been languishing in my stash for 2 years, or a little more (buying winter fabrics in June-July, or summer fabrics in December, always is a good deal in most Parisian fabric shops ;-).

The fabric has been prewashed (to avoid unexpected shrinking) and the patterns pieces have been ironed flat. I started to play with all of them and no way: I have not enough yardage to make a coat from this fabric!
I can't probably find a little more of this fabric. So, I have two solutions to make the coat from this fabric:
  • Cutting the back yoke in two pieces (with a center back seam) instead of one.
  • Not cutting the sleeve facing on the grain: a bad solution, I think!
The only valid choice is to cut the back yoke in two pieces with a center back seam and to add a piece of muslin to stabilise the back yoke from the inside. It's not very nice to me, but I really want this coat from this fabric.
So, all the pattern pieces has been traced and cut yesterday and trust me there is only few tiny scraps left!

To be continued...

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