Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Summer Burda shirt

Last Summer I used a Burda pattern (pattern 102 from the April 2010 issue of the magazine, photo above is from the Burda website) to make some summer shirts.
I had in mind something French Chic in white with some navy-blue accent: very Deauville (a well known french seaside resort since 1850).

I made the shirt in white cotton and I used a navy blue with white dot cotton fabric for the flaps holding the kimono sleeves.
For the Chic-white-with-a-navy-accent I had in mind, I chose four-hole white buttons for the flaps and I sewed them with a navy thread making a cross (photo above).
To close the shirt, I wanted four-hole navy blue buttons sewed with a white thread cross. I intended to wear this shirt with navy blue pants and white flat ballet shoes to finalize the Chic Deauville look.

Unfortunately, my local retailer does not have much of a choice for buttons in early Summer. She sold me navy-blue ball buttons instead of four-hole ones. I knew I should have said no, but I needed the shirt in time for Summer holidays.
And the result rather looks waitron (first photo below) or naval officer (second photo below) than Chic.

I am happy with this shirt, it's a nice pattern, the fit is perfect, maybe a bit too long (I will reduce the length if I do this pattern again).
But I feel a bit disappointed and I can't get this bad button choice out of my head. I think I will change the buttons before next Summer, even if I have to redo the buttonhole by hand.
To conclude: in sewing never let the flow change your mind, even about details, when you have planned something carefully!

To be continued before next Summer, hopefully...

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