Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last sunny Sunday?!

Last Sunday we enjoyed a very sunny day. Probably the last one for some weeks: the weather has turned to rain now. Not cold yet, but rainy.
Even though we were all tired, and we all had a early Autumn cold, we decided to enjoy the sun and went for a walk in Paris.

Our first stop was at Jardin du Palais Royal. Ever since I first saw them, when they were installed about a quarter of century ago, I always loved the Buren's columns: all the children enjoy running around and climbing on them, and my two ones make no exception.

Daddy's help is welcome for some of them... By the way, look more carefully at this photo: if you notice the curtains of the building behind, you will understand where the artist get the idea for the black and white stripes for his columns.

Then we walked to a café, to have lunch, and we came back home for a late afternoon nap.
On the way, DH took this awful photo (above), that shows part of one of the most famous urbanistic curiosities of Paris: Louvre, Obélisque de la Concorde, Arc de Triomphe and Grande Arche de la Défense are all on a single line. Around the 10th of May, and on late August, the sun sets on this exact line (link is in French, sorry, but the photo is stunning).

We also made a stop at Pont des Arts (because my last one ask for some mum-milk, see below), where DH also took the first photo of this post: the Seine and a microscopic Eiffel Tower on the left.

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