Sunday, October 3, 2010

A beginner's mistake: "I am green!"

To continue with my Autumn suit, I decided to make a muslin for the shirt. The pattern size is 32inch bust. I am a bit larger than that, but it's pretty close to my measurements when I am not breastfeeding a baby, as I currently do.

I chose a light inexpensive cotton to sew, I expected a wearable muslin.
I took some measurements and made the shirt right from the pattern without any modification or alteration. The photo above show you the result.

DH said I should stop breathing in the future and it will be OK!!! I disagree: it's close fitting and the bust dart is too high but I think it's OK. I will add a snap button at the waist to prevent graping in this area.
I will wear this shirt monday all day long to see if it fits really nicely or if it's too close fitting for a stay-at-home mother with a baby and a child to take care of.

But what about the beginner's mistake?
Did you notice the green cotton biais at the top of the collar?
The shirt was lined, I forgot the lining and added a piece at the back of the collar. But being interrupted one hundred times by the children during my sewing process, I "simply" sewed the collar to the facing on the wrong side rather than sewing them together on the right side. The perfect beginner's mistake! I noticed this mistake at the end of the process, when it was too late to simply unsew it. To correct this I trimmed the excess, turned it on the wrong side and handsewed a cotton biais at the top to have a wearable shirt.
In French, when you are very angry about something, you can say: "Je suis verte !" (I am green ;-) It would note be appropriate to use it in a letter to your grandmother, but you can say it to relatives.
I was so angry about this beginner's mistake that I chose a green cotton biais and matching green buttons to complete the shirt ;-)

Pun not intended: I swear I did not know, while writing this post, that "green" also is a synonymous to "beginner" ("deficient in training, knowledge or experience", says the Webster) Thanks to Hubby for signaling it to me (he is still laughing about it!)

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  1. Pascale has a long stream of unintended puns, but this one is the first cross-language one. It goes in the top 3!

    Xavier aka "Hubby"