Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Girly soft wool fabric

Last year, I pick up some soft wool, or perhaps wool blend, fabric from the bargain table.
The wool is soft gray with printed flower on it: shade of blue and green on one fabric and shade of pink on the other one. Theses fabric are for my girl: girly and nice for a little ones.
The fabric has a perfect pattern to make girly dress and skirt: flower everywhere and a border full of flowers and and grass on each side.


  1. Oh, those fabrics would make *lovely* dresses or skirts! What a good find!

  2. Yes Sarah! I made a dress (an old pattern from the 20's) for DD with the blue one.
    Sadly, I didn't have time to blog about it yet. I hope I will have a few minutes this Sunday to post something about it.