Friday, October 8, 2010

Autumn suit again

Do you remember my Autumn suit?
I said I will choose basic pants to complete this suit.
Yesterday evening, I suddenly realized that neither the shirt nor the jacket have pockets! A mother of growing kids always needs pockets to store (sometimes to hide ;-) a wide range of small things: keys, coins, tissues, toy cars or dolls, pebbles and other treasures!

I absolutely need pockets:
  • I can hardly have pockets in the shirt or the top
  • Neither in the optional buttoned scarf.
  • Patch pockets would completely destroy the look of the jacket.
  • Internal hidden pockets in the jacket can be a solution, but I would have to modify the jacket pattern and I want this suit as quickly as possible.
  • Select a pants pattern with pockets seems to be the simplest solution.

Project status as of today:
  • I wore the shirt another day and the fit suits my needs as a stay at home mother with young children. So, I decided to make the second shirt and the jacket right from the patterns without any alterations.
  • I cut the second shirt and matching scarf in pink flower cotton: they are ready to be sewed now.
  • I cut the jacket lining.
  • I have to cut the jacket and sew it.
  • I have to select a pants pattern with pockets, but in a basic style to complete the suit, and make it.

To be continued, soon I hope...


  1. Just an idea: I have a book, "Made for Travel", which shows temporary interior pockets added to an unlined jacket, simply by safety-pinning the separate pocket to the jacket seam allowances. I think it should work even better in a lined jacket, perhaps using buttons/buttonholes rather than pins, and you could leave the pockets at home for a "grown-up" outing.

  2. Oh! that's seems to be a very interesting idea. Thanks for your comment, I think I will have a try at it. Stay tuned!