Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DH black jeans rescue

In the sewing world, we often talk about these special-occasion outfits we are so proud of, and that we wear only once or twice. It is far less often that we talk about all the other outfits we made, and we almost never talk about all that we have to repair or rescue.

Today I will share a little repair/rescue story.

My husband is hard with his clothes and especially with his pants.
Look at this poor RTW black jean (photo above):
  • I hemmed it when DH bought it. After a lot of walking, the friction on the top of the shoes torn the fabric.
  • The too thin fabric for the pocket lining has too much torn, and has already been fixed with pieces so many times.
  • The heavy fabric on the inside of the waist shows some signs of wearing out.
DH love these pants, they fit him well and the fabric itself is still in good condition: it's time for some repair or a complete rescue!

I bought some of that little cotton ribon that French name "talonnette", I have no no clue about its name in English. I sewed it in place at the hem.
I unsewed some heavy cotton waist lining and pocket from on of DH's reformed summer light pair of jeans.
I resewed the waist and pocket in place, after cutting the old ones.
but I have done nothing yet for the back pockets and the inside of the waist.

Now that loved pair of jeans will start a new life and some months, perhaps years ;-) of use.
And DH will be happy.

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  1. DH (!) wears some talonette!!! I knew it!