Saturday, May 8, 2010

Update about the coat for my husband

Huby asked for a coat. I showed you my first try some weeks ago.

I enlarged the Burda pattern by extrapoling the larger sizes from the smalers ones on the multisize pattern. Today, I assembled an half muslin and pined it on my husband T-shirt (with my husband in the T-shirt... he complained a lot and was affraid by those so small pins ;-)

But I am not pleased at all with the fitting result (see photos above):
  • There is something wrong on the shoulder area (those sleeves construction are evil) perhaps it's only too large.
  • It's too small on the belly area but I will let the side seams out a little, as Debra Martin suggest me and I guess this will solve the fitting problem of this area.
  • the sleeves and the coat are a little too long but this is not really difficult to solve.

Looking carefully at the photos I decide to make another try.

The half muslin is two size larger than my first try: it seemes to be too much. In fact, according to my husband chest measurment one size larger will fit better on this shoulder and chest area.
I will measure my husband tomorrow to have his exact measurements for waist, nape to waist and sleeves lenght. With theses measurements I will try to make a better muslin for the next try.
A complete muslin is more time consuming to do than an half one, but it's easier to try for fit. And too much pins terrify my DH ;-)

To be continued...
Any advices or comments are welcome of course!


  1. It's not the pins that frighten me.

    It's the pinner. ;-)

    Xavier aka "Hubby"

  2. Pascale, I am a member of this board

    They have an apprentice board and they love to help. Most of them are tailors, (the real thing.) They are mostly formal in nature, but sweet too.

    I am Padme on this board. You might like to look around and ask them.

  3. Thanks Lynn!
    I will go there, no doubt!

  4. Pascale, remember to put the shoulder pad in when you are doing your muslin fittings. It will make a very big difference in the fit through the shoulder and sleeve as well as sleeve length.