Thursday, October 13, 2011


Nothing to do with sadness and being blue today: it's quite the oposite!
It's just the color my little one chose for his autumn coat: colofull and funny, isn't it?!

It's the color chosen for the Défi13 of October. This time, I chose to participate and post a photo of my little one's coat.
Few words about "Défi13": monthly on the 13, sewer, knitter and other crafter show one of their project. The project has to be made by you and follow a given theme (today it was "blue"). Nothing to win in this, just the fun. The project is in French and most of the participants are French bloger, but everyone is welcome, no doubt!

I will update this post with a little mo about pattern, construction, and so one, not to mention, my little one WANT a matching cap...

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  1. Hi Pascale - I had a laugh when I read your comment on my blog. In my pre-child days, I would have been so discouraged by spending 8 hours on one blouse, but now it feels like a real accomplishment!