Thursday, March 31, 2011

A spring game for my cousin

Today, I want to publish something about a french spring game.
A nice french lady will give away a japanese book with patterns for littles girls in it and a piece of fabric in honor of spring (the photos above are from her blog, her blog entry about the game is here).
I enter this game but, not for me... for my cousine.
My cousin is an artist. She use fabrics... to paint on them, not exactly to sew ;-) Her blog, in french, is here, if you are interested.
She start sewing last year, but she start slooooowly and I am pretty sure this book will inspire her very much.
So I enter the contest to offer it to her, if I win it, but I will keep the fabric comming with the book, for me, hehee ;-)
Wishes us good luck!!!

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  1. héhé! i like!! I took some little time to understand that was me!!!
    hope you win!! and thank you
    bisette winner