Saturday, September 25, 2010

The incredible story of hubby's shirt

I planned to sew a men shirt for DH for a (too ;-) long time.

I bought a pattern about one year before we got married, then I bought a sewing machine and ... sewed my own wedding dress. All DH got was a pocket square from my wedding dress fabric.

I cut the smallest size of the shirt pattern, and forgot it for about a year. I bought a shirt fabric, became mad for not finding back my pattern and in the end cut the most part of the shirt, except the left front, don't ask me why!
I tried to sew the shirt, but I never managed to had enough time: I always needed that other little thing so quick to sew. One and another one baby came and they grew up fast, DH is no longer growing so he can wait a little more...

When I tried to assemble the shirt, I wasn't able to find the pattern pieces and I didn't mark anything on the fabric pieces I had cut so long ago...
The collar appears to run too short for DH. The pattern has already been cut and I was unable to find most of the pattern pieces. By then, the pattern was out of print, and, once gain, I left this project sleeping for a while.
On a lucky day, I found this pattern on the internet in the perfect size for DH.
I cut the pattern in the biggest size this time (probably too much for DH, but who knows). I marked all the pieces of the pattern on a large leftover from my vintage shirt, except the left front: there was not enough fabric left for DH shirt! I never thought of this before choosing the fabric: DH is taller than me, what a surprise! ;-)

I picked up a soft yellow cotton fabric and a white and blue stripes cotton-linen blend fabric from my stash. DH chose the soft yellow cotton and left the white and blue stripes for me (I will show you what I made of it in a further post).
I was lucky enough to find matching soft yellow button from my grandmother stash.
Six months later the shirt was completed and DH was happy to wear it.

The verdict is : it runs too large everywhere, see photo above (DH is not drinking white wine, he is just holding my glass while I was taking the picture, at my sister-in-law's new house party).

Now I have to make another try, this time one size smaller.
To be continued, no doubt, but this project can run for months or years...


  1. I've been enjoying reading about your sewing adventures. You are very brave to tackle a shirt for DH. Even if the size is not quite right yet, the shirt looks beautifully sewn. I'm sure DH will enjoy the next version even more :)

  2. Thanks for your kind comments.
    I can't understand why sewing for DH is always such a pain. I can sew for me, for children, even for a doll, but for DH... No doubt this would interest a shrink ;-) Perhaps it is only a matter of scale: sewing for DH means sewing on a large scale!
    And you're right: DH loves everything I ever sewed for him, without reservation. But he has no choice :)