Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chat à zépingles : a sewing story

Today I want introduce "chat à zépingles" : this funny cat pin cushion is something I hinerited from my grandmother.

I allays saw this funny pin cat on my grand mother sewing table. I use to use it when I start sewing and I never stop to use it.

I am not sure who made it: my grandmother said it was my aunt and my mother said she made it. My grandmother and my aunt are gone for a long time now: who made it will still be a part of the mystery!
I am only sure, it was made in the 40's from my mother's winterdress: she was a child and she had grown the dress run too small for her...

It's not a very usefull pincushion, but it's mine and a part a my personal sewing story! In fact, I am not sure I can sew without it...
My children adopted it with the great fear of my husband ;-)

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